September 4, 2007

No problems yet from Hurricane Felix, 9 a.m. Tuesday

La Ceiba skiesView to the west, toward town (La Ceiba, Atlantida, Honduras)

I haven't read all the official weather reports yet today, but I have read that there have been exaggerated reports on television so I thought I would post some photos taken at 9:00 a.m., Tuesday morning, September 4, 2007, in La Ceiba, Honduras.

Here in La Ceiba, we had a few minutes of light sprinkling this morning which stopped and the sun came out. We have no wind at all right now.

For those who are not familiar with La Mosquitia area where the hurricane hit, it is, thankfully, a less populated area. Current reports from friends in Roatán (Bay Islands), Gracias (Lempira), San Pedro (Cortes), and Siguatepeque (Comayagua) report NO bad weather yet. No wind. No rain.

Honduran news is reporting that the government and all of the individual emergency committees are very well prepared and have their plans in place. President Mel Zelaya has been on television late into the night last night and again this morning explaining the U.S. National Hurricane Center charts. He said that rains brought by the hurricane could cause flooding of the rivers.

La Ceiba skiesView to the east (La Ceiba)

Right now the prognosis for Honduras looks much better than yesterday. I'll report more later!

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