September 7, 2007

La Gringa goes to prison

La Ceiba prison yard, HondurasLa Ceiba prison yard, Honduras


Well .... not exactly "goes" to prison.

La Ceiba, Honduras, prisonWell .... not exactly inside either, but up to the guard watchtower. That is as close as I want to go.

We were walking along the street past the prison (maybe it is more like the jail − you know for short term or pre-trial stays − I'm not real sure and don't plan to find out).

I took a photo of the wall with the razor wire on top and started imagining how my lame post would go: "This is the prison wall." Big deal.

La Ceiba, Honduras, prisonThen I noticed the guard up in the watch tower waving at me, like "take my picture!"

I took a photo, but he was pretty far away and in the shade. He came out a little ways and I took another.

He was asking me how it came out and motioning, "show it to me." Apparently, he couldn't come down the stairs − 'cuz he had to guard and all − so I went up.

guard, La Ceiba, Honduras prisonI got a couple of better shots which he wants me to print out for him so I guess I'll be going back to prison soon to deliver the photos. Nice looking guy, huh? I can find out if he is single if anyone is interested. :-D

La Ceiba, Honduras, prisonOnce I was up there, of course I had to take a look around. There were guys playing basketball and it looked more like a high school playground than a prison. Then they saw me and started hooting and hollering and waving for the camera.

Now here is some gossip that I've heard from El Jefe who heard it from a friend who visited a friend inside. There are drug dealers inside who have private suites, complete with air conditioning, TVs, and you name it. They rent the room, from the guards or whoever is in charge, I guess. For a price, prisoners also can take women visitors into the cell with them. Well, actually, for the right price, they can just get out. Mysterious escapes from Honduran prisons happen all the time.

La Ceiba, Honduras, prison

Is there nothing La Gringa won't do for a story? Well, putting aside paid cell visits anyway.

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