September 17, 2007

Hondutel-Chimirri scandal

Marcelo Chimirri, head of Hondutel − Looks stressed, doesn't he?
Photo: El Proceso, Honduras

For those of you who have been coming here searching for information on the latest Hondutel-Chimirri scandal, I'm working on an article that I hope to have tomorrow.
It's big. It's juicy, and if this doesn't get some corruptos put in jail, I may have to give up on Honduras.

It is so big that it had to be published in Mexico, not Honduras. I guess the Honduran newspapers can not be sued for reporting on a story from another newspaper.

While doing some research, I discovered that thanks to an anonymous tipster, I scooped the Honduran newspaper Proceso by 17 days on the Chimirri Hi5 page. After the Proceso article, Chimirri made his photo album private and revised his front page to show a much more serious person. No more love poems and many fewer mafia movies now.

The article is Swamp of corruption in Hondutel.

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