September 1, 2007

Hurricane Felix heading for Honduras and Bay Islands

Tropical Storm Felix has just been named an official hurricane. I'm a little bit more nervous about this one than I was about Hurricane Dean. I'm a hurricane neophyte, but even though Dean seemed larger and had faster winds, Felix is headed more in our direction.

We are watching Felix on the National Hurricane Center when we have an internet connection. As of right now (Saturday night), they say it may be a Level 2 or 3 Hurricane as it passes the north coast of Honduras on Tuesday. The GDFL hurricane prediction model shows it going across the upper quarter of Honduras. The GFS model shows it heading directly for Honduras' Bay Islands. As always, predictions change over time, so we'll see what happens in the next three days.

In my short history of blogging here in Honduras, it seems that whenever I blog about some weather event, it fizzles out and nothing happens. So to continue our good luck, I had to write about Hurricane Felix.

To keep up with the track of Hurricane Felix, check out these sites:

Crown Weather (includes information and charts from several hurricane sites)

National Hurricane Center

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