September 11, 2007

Is there a doctor in the house?

Mountains in Gracias, Lempira, HondurasPhoto by Kirstin, age 20, Gracias, Lempira, Honduras
used by permission: Sowers4Pastors

I've "met" some really interesting people by blogging. One of them is Trish, here in Honduras, but waaaaay out in the boonies. Trish and her husband and family do missionary work in Gracias, Lempira, in the western part of Honduras.

Trish isn't a doctor or a nurse, but sometimes the poor come to her for medical help and advice because they just can't get it anywhere else. There are no doctors or hospitals nearby. She does what research she can on the internet and sometimes kind U.S. doctors help with advice.

Right now la doctora (the doctor) Trish has a couple of medical problems that have her stumped.
If you are a doctor, maybe you can help her because she is Practicing medicine without a license. You won't have to worry about malpractice here in Honduras, and for sure the doctors who originally treated these patients are the ones who should be sued.

Even if you aren't a doctor, visit Trish's blog,
Sowers4Pastors, to read about her family's life in small town Honduras. Trish has a good sense of humor and her blog is fun to read. Today you might be able to help her with her ethical dilemma in Old carnivals never die...They move south.

Check out the photos at the top and bottom of her blog. Can you imagine living there?!

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