September 1, 2007

La Gringa is having Internet problems

Hey, folks! I'm having problems here with my internet connection. It goes in and out. Even when it is working, it is so excruciatingly slow that I want to tear my hair out.

It took me all day to get yesterday's post up and I tried 10 times to upload the photo to no avail. One time it tried to upload the photo for 12 minutes! I responded (brilliantly) to a couple of the comments and after trying to post for several minutes, Blogger finally gave up and lost my comments.

Opening an email takes a minute or two. Saving one, or heaven forbid, starring it AND saving it takes minutes. Sending an email has taken up to 5 minutes and is almost impossible at times.

Since it is Saturday, I don't expect any improvement at least until Monday or Tuesday so you may not be seeing any Blogicito updates for a few days.

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