September 4, 2007

3 p.m. Honduras weather update

La Ceiba, Honduras, 3:30 p.m.

Here in La Ceiba, the rain has been starting and stopping all afternoon and the sun is trying to peek through. Rain has been mostly light with short periods of heavier rain. No wind, not even a breeze most of the time. The downtown area was flooding earlier as it always does during a rain and will probably flood again if the rain continues. The level of the Cangrejal River has raised quite a bit but is still within bounds.

As I type this, the rain has become much heavier, but the people in Honduras that I am hearing from are not feeling that big red swirl we are seeing on television. Apparently the major part of Hurricane Felix is still over Nicaragua. It is expected to dissipate significantly over the mountains of Honduras.

Here are some reports from other areas of Honduras which have been received in the past hour or so:

Tegucigalpa: is completely covered in thick clouds but in my area in Tegus there has been only slight drizzle that has dried on the pavement by this time. --Anon

Tegucigalpa: Still very cloudy, and sporadic drizzle. Right now the pavement is dry, that's how light the drizzle is coming and going. But the clouds above are thick and it's totally overcast. Interestingly, we still have internet , landline and cellphone service. and I read that NHC is not sending planes over to Felix anymore since ground stations can track it better now that it's inland. --Angel

Juticalpa: I can report a light breeze, overcast skies and very little rain here in Juticalpa, as of 2 in the afternoon. --Matthew

Cayos Cochinos: Well here I sit all boarded up, packed up and battened down -- and it appears that I just did a hard two days' work for naught! Had some thunderstorms and heavy rain earlier (about 2 inches) and the sea started to come up a bit, but no wind. Now it is just a light overcast, and I could go swimming if I wanted to. --Lori

San Pedro Sula: Experienced short periods of heavy rain -- Television reports

Siguatepeque: Still no wind... sky is fully overcast with fairly smooth bottom (this is a good thing). Light rain is steady but not anything the rivers cannot handle. All in all, if there was not a major storm system associated with this, it would be a HO HUM non-event. --Dennis

Bay Islands: Slightly overcast and appears to be drizzling on Utila --webcams at Cocoview Resort and Utila Lodge

Trujillo: We just spoke to the family in Trujillo, and they are fine, other than it is raining. We cannot get through to Tocoa. If anyone has info in Tocoa, please post. --Patty

La Mosquitia: An unofficial television report stated that there were no deaths in Gracias a Dios, La Mosquitia area of Honduras. An estimated 25 homes were destroyed completely --Honduran television

Honduran television and radio reports have been 24-hours per day so
most people should be well informed of the situation, the precautions to take, and the help that will be available from the government.

I'll update again as I get more news.

Think "dry."

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