September 10, 2007

El Jefe gets a new weapon

Electronic Insect ZapperElectronic Insect Zapper

Men love their toys, don't they? Oh, they call them tools or devices or weapons, but we know that they are little boys playing with their toys. They are especially happy when they can talk about volts or horsepower or gigabytes. When they are weapons of mass destruction with voltage − what could be better?

Electronic Insect ZapperOur friend G brought us this weapon from the U.S. the other day. It's called an Electronic Insect Zapper, made in China, of course. G said not to touch the metal grid when it is turned on because it gives quite a shock. She also said that EVERY man WILL touch the metal grid just to see if it really hurts. Heh, heh.

El Jefe was so anxious to impress his brothers with a large body count that he took it off with him to visit. What a disappointment! No mosquitoes, no flies, nothing!

Today, however, he took it outside on the terraza and was lucky enough to swat a mosquito. I was looking through the kitchen window and saw that look of devilish delight in his eyes when he heard the satisfyingly loud POP-SIZZLE as the mosquito was fried. It's really quite fun. It's the first time I've ever been disappointed that we didn't have more mosquitoes.

Right now I'm in another room listening to POP-SIZZLE! Yee-haw! POP-SIZZLE! Yee-haw!

My man! Protecting me from dengue fever organically!
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