June 24, 2007

La Gringa's new guestbook

Thinking that I just don't have enough junk on my blog, I've added another guestbook. This one allows readers to not only leave a message, but upload a photo as well! Pretty cool, huh?

The guestbook is at the bottom of this page. Click "sign my guestbook" and then fill in the blanks and click "browse" to select a photo from your computer to upload to my guestbook. It can be a photo of you, your garden, your pet, or whatever favorite thing you want to represent YOU. The photos will be visible to anyone looking at the guestbook.

I think that will be fun!
Is there anyone who doesn't have photos on their hard drive? If you don't, just pick a photo that you like from my blog. Right click on the photo and click "save image as" to save it to your desktop and then upload that photo. After it's uploaded, you can delete the photo from your desktop.

As always, of course you don't have to use your real name, but anyone who signs as "anonymous" will be deleted. Surely you can make up a name, such as Mrs. P, TXboy, or Florida girl or something?

This guestmap will automatically identify your location based on your IP address and put a pin on the map. If the location is not correct, fill in the correct location.

Give me a little time to approve the entry. I have to preapprove them only because of spammers. Let me know if you have any problems.

Okay, now impress me!
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