June 17, 2007

Can't I take Sunday off?

They say that no good deed goes unpunished. I told you about how I have become the official pizza traffic director for our colonia. Today we were having a really lazy day. I won't tell you just how lazy, but I will say at 3 p.m. in the afternoon, I was still wearing my nightshirt.

A Domino's pizza especialista (that is what the deliverers call themselves − haha, cute), stopped his motorcycle in front and blasted his horn. I wasn't about to go to the door wearing my nightshirt so I ignored him. But after 6-8 blasts of the horn alternating with revving of the engine, which had all six of my dogs all riled up, I was pissed! I mean, after all, if it was MY pizza, I would have answered the door, right?

So I opened the door partway, trying to stand behind the door frame, and yelled, "¡Por favor! ¡Que ruido!" (Pul-leeeeze! What noise!) He didn't apologize. He only looked at me and asked, "Mario Caceres?"

I paused for a second, thinking to slam the door shut, but since I really am a nice person at heart, I gave him directions. At least he said thank you.

I went upstairs to complain to El Jefe, who had the door shut watching a soccer game and hadn't heard anything − so he said. More likely it was because he was lounging in his boxers and wasn't about to answer the door either. He laughed and said that they probably have it in the computer to tell the deliverers to go to #212 and ask la gringa for directions.

I really need to learn some Spanish insults. You know, like the way we can say nice English words that have an entirely different connotation, like the certain way you can say pul-eeeeze, ex-cuuuuuuze me?, I'm SORRY! that get your real message across.

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