June 13, 2007

La Gringa is annoyed with La Prensa

I rely on Honduras' La Prensa website quite a bit to give a link to where I'm getting some of my information and to allow you to read more, if you read Spanish or care to translate it. Their Ediciones Anteriores (Back Issues) button has not been working for a few weeks. Not only that but their search button has disappeared completely from their website.

How am I suppose to steal their photos, ahem, I mean help them to increase their circulation when they make it so hard on me? I don't always read the newspaper the same day, so if I find something interesting, I have to go to the back issues.

I even tried to contact the webmaster to inform him of these problems using the "contáctenos" button. It gives me a form to fill out my name and city and the message but there is no submit button!

Oh, La Prensa, are you listening? I'm your biggest fan, ¡de verdad! (It's true.) ¡Repara su sitio! (Fix your website!)

Update: Since I first wrote this, the "contactenos" button now works so I sent an email. I wonder if the webmaster will read it.

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