June 12, 2007

La Gringa's Invention

If you live in a hot and humid climate like we do here in La Ceiba, Honduras, I think you are going to like my invention. It is incredible how much water can drip off of the OUTSIDE of a drinking glass in this climate. It drips on your clothes, your legs, your furniture, the floor. Even if you use a coaster, the water puddles up and runs all over the furniture.

I guess that is why whenever I give a drink to a Honduran, they down it immediately and hand the glass back to me (cultural difference). I'm more of a sipper myself. I entertain myself for hours with a glass of iced tea, so the dripping was really a problem.

The custom here in La Ceiba, both in restaurants and at home, is to wrap a napkin around the glass. This might work for a short time, if the tiniest, flimsiest napkins known to mankind weren't used. No kidding.

These napkins are about as useful as as two squares of a one-ply toilet paper. People think they save money by buying the cheapest but the fact is the other night at a restaurant, three of us used about 27 napkins. You can't do anything with these napkins. Unfold them and you can read the newspaper through them. If you've been to La Ceiba, you know what I'm talking about.

Anyhoo, on to the invention: I call them drinking glass condoms. Have some old cotton socks laying around with holes in the toes? Cut off the foot and use the upper stretchy part as a drinking glass condom. You can even use new (cheap, I hope) socks so that you can have a matching set. Get colors to match your kitchen or glasses or terraza. The sky is the limit.

Just remember to use large size socks for wide glasses. Children sizes work well for small glasses. The more cotton content, the better they absorb.
I sewed a zigzag stitch around the bottom to keep them from unraveling but you don't have to.

Condoms for drinking glasses.

Now that I've told you, someone
probably will make a million dollars from selling MY invention, but, oh well, I wanted to share. On the other hand, if someone else already invented this, well, sorry about that, but now everyone will make their own for free.

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