June 28, 2007

Countdown to Mexico, or wherever

For anyone in the research or planning stages of moving to another country, especially Mexico or Central America, I recommend that you take a look at Countdown to Mexico.

Washington state residents Nancy and Paul began a blog of their preparations to retire and move to Mexico in October 2006. They are currently about a month away from Paul's retirement and about two months away from moving to Mazlatan, Mexico.

They researched locations, evaluating the pros and cons, and then visited the most likely. They document the process of learning the language, deciding what they can't live without and dispensing with the other "stuff," as well as preparing their house for sale. I could only dream of being so organized and methodical. This blog reads like a how-to-do-it-right book.

If you are serious about making a big move, I suggest starting at the beginning of Countdown to Mexico and reading forward. I think you'll enjoy it and learn a lot in the process.

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