March 7, 2007

Weather report and other chitchat

tropical rain

tropical rainWeather

We've had a tropical rainstorm for two and a half days − the rain hasn't stopped in all that time. It's a little chilly − high 60's to low 70's F (20-23 C) with 96% humidity. That is called a frente frio (cold front) in Honduras. Apparently there must have been a problem somewhere west of us on the highway to San Pedro Sula because our newspaper didn't arrive until after 1 p.m. yesterday. It normally comes between 7 and 8 a.m.

A bridge is out in Tocoa to the east and some 250 people have been evacuated. Most of the north coast of Honduras is experiencing flooding, schools have been closed, and many communities are cut off from the rest of the country because of flooded roads and damaged bridges. Another 24 hours of rain is expected. It's amazing what you get used to in this country.

Rio Danto, La Ceiba, HondurasThis is the photo I took of the Rio Danto a couple of weeks ago. The photo below is from yesterday's La Prensa.

Rio DantoRio Danto after one day of rain (La Prensa, Honduras)

Fallen tree Falling trees

A tree fell down near the creek behind our property. I think that many of the trees have root rot or something. This is seventh or eighth tree to fall in the past two years. A 25 foot tree (8 m.) makes a loud noise when it falls. It's amazing the things you get used to in Honduras.

green plantainsOne of our platano (plantain) trees fell, too. Luckily the fruit was ready to harvest. The weight of the platanos might have pulled the plant down.

Small talk

"Small talk" is back! For those who don't know, clickable snippets of the latest readers' comments are shown in the Small talk section of the sidebar on the right. It's a popular feature because often the comments are more interesting than the articles. :-D


Someone was shooting a gun nearby yesterday, in the rain. I hear a lot of gunshots, but usually only one or two or three at a time. Today they were either doing target practice or they were very bad shots, because the shooting just went on and on. I brought Chloe inside, just in case any stray bullets came this way. It's amazing the things you get used to in Honduras.

Puppy update

I know some of you are waiting for the weekly puppy update. I have some video and I was putting it together with Windows Movie Maker this weekend. After about 4 hours of work, Movie Maker lost the entire thing! The video, the titles, the music, everything! And, yes, I did save periodically while I was working on it. I started over and it crashed again. Either that is a very buggy program or my old computer just can't handle the job − I don't know which. Anyway, I'm almost over my frustration and I'll try again today.

Here's a sneak preview:

Chihuahua pup, 3 weeksEyes wide open

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