March 8, 2007

Orchids and other plants along the Cangrejal River

Orchids, Yaruca, HondurasOrchids growing on top of fence posts, Yaruca, Honduras

We saw these orchids growing in several spots in Yaruca, Honduras. They look the same as a couple of the ones that I bought. The orchid lady said they were purple, so I think they may be the same.

Bougainvillea, Yaruca, HondurasThis bougainvillea was also in Yaruca.

Begonia, Yaruca, HondurasSix foot tall begonia in Yaruca, Honduras.

Ferns growing out of rock, HondurasThis fern was growing out of the rock wall alongside the road.

Ferns by the road, HondurasThese ferns were growing in a shady area by the side of the road. We have a lot of these ferns growing on the "wild" hill on our property. They are deciduous and even though we don't get cold weather, they die back every year.

Wild orchids, HondurasThese are the orchids that I found alongside the road! Aren't the blooms beautiful? There were no leaves on these. Just a bulb and a long stem with the blossoms.

I know that some would say that you shouldn't take orchids from the wild. Let me explain. This was by the very edge of the road. The vegetation by the sides of the road is routinely macheted, so I think that I'm actually saving these orchids. I only took a small number of the ones that were there anyway. Forgive me?

Wild orchids, HondurasHere is a better view of the blossoms loaded in my car. I don't know what the iris-looking foliage is but I thought it made a nice contrast with the orchids, so I'm going to plant some on my 'wild' hill.

Wild white begonias, HondurasThese white begonias were growing among the orchids and ferns. I pulled up a few of them. I always say that I want to bring a little shovel when we go on these trips, but we always forget. The soil was very loose, so it was pretty easy to pull up some of the orchids and begonias.

This is an orange-colored orchid at the vivero (nursery) in El Naranjo. I didn't buy this one.

Orchids, HondurasThese are the four orchids that we bought in El Naranjo along with one of the found orchids.

The one on the far left with the yellow bloom is in a coconut shell. The leaves look like green onions. This photo on the right shows a closer look at the vivero where we bought it.

The second one is one of the found orchids. It looks almost like an onion bulb. It's bloom is on the far right.

The third, fourth, and fifth look to be the same kind. The third one is in a wire basket. The fourth is attached to a slice of a tree trunk. The fifth is in a crude wooden box.

Did I buy three of the same color orchid? I hope not. I think that she said one was yellow and that they should bloom in May so I'll find out then. Sorry I have no botanical names for you. The only thing I know about orchids is how to kill them. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

Here are my finds loaded in the car. Does anyone know what the iris-looking plant is? It has a very long rhizome. I wonder if it blooms?

The rain prevented me from planting my found plants. They are waiting with their roots covered with compost.

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