March 4, 2007

Honduran Blog Network

Some enterprising young Honduran bloggers have set up a new website called Red Blogs Catrachos (Network of Honduran Blogs). This is a wonderful idea because it is really difficult to find Honduran blogs, especially those in the Spanish language.

So many of the blog list sites are in English and many don't have blogs categorized by countries. Some like Globe of Blogs do. Global Voices does, but if you look at their front page, you won't even find Honduras unless you know to click on the plus sign in the upper left corner.

The site is just evolving. They are adding more features to their website and more and more blogs as they find them. If you have a Honduran blog or know of someone who does, please contact Red Catracha at the email address on the site.

I'm proud to say that La Gringa was invited to join, even though I'm not a
Catracha verdadera (true Hondureña). I feel quite honored!

Have I ever explained that Catracho is the slang word or nickname for Honduran? There is nothing derogatory about it, so feel free to refer to any Honduran that you meet as a Catracho (male) or Catracha (female). They will love that you know the word.

And you might ask, how is the word Catracho related to Honduran? I know the answer but that history lesson will have to wait for another day
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