March 20, 2007

Disorganization and depression

Great Kiskadee, our early morning alarm clock

Just a quick note. I'm feeling overwhelmed for some reason. It's not that I don't have anything to write about − al contrario! (to the contrary!)

I have so much to say that I'm going in several different directions at once. I have articles drafted which need photos, photos which need articles, a stack of newspaper clippings that need talking about, several articles that need follow-up, and many ideas that I need to get down on paper. All that and I can't seem to finish a single thing.

I'm afraid I've become a procrastinator. Also, I have a problem with wanting everything to be perfect with all the little loose ended tied in a knot. Don't get me wrong! I know that I never achieve perfection but those of us who strive for it sometimes have a problem ever finishing anything or even starting some things for fear of not measuring up.

Another thing is that I've been depressed. We've lost two of our chickens and another one seems that she won't recover enough to be able to survive on her own. Our neighbor's dog was poisoned yesterday and I'm worried sick someone will try to poison our dogs. Our house has things that still aren't finished or are broken and we have no idea where to find a decent workman to do them. I broke my brand new camera! And just in general, I'm feeling like a loser. How's that for pouring it all out?

Reader Ki gave me one idea − he suggested that I am possibly brain damaged from bashing my head into a 2x4 a few years ago. ;-) I kind of like that idea as a built-in excuse, but does anyone have other ideas or suggestions about getting yourself (myself) organized?

I'm going to post this now before I erase it and tell you what a perfect day I had today.
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