March 24, 2007

Trying to catch up with the Garcias

(No, ours isn't quite this old, but....)

We are so behind the times. We don't have IPods or Blackberries or camera phones. I wouldn't even have a cellphone if we could get a telephone line here in the house. Our stereo is about 10 years old, our TV is about 16! The VCR is probably about 9 years old. The computer is almost 6 years old. The only new thing I had was my camera which I broke! So much for those "rich Americans."

We used to rent movies about once a month and spend the whole weekend watching them. We haven't done that for ages (like more than a year). The last time I asked El Jefe to pick up some movies from the rental place while he was in town, he told me that he has been trying but almost all they have are DVD's and he can't find any video tapes to rent. So again I say, so much for those "rich Americans!" Apparently locals all have DVD players and we don't.

El Jefe went to San Pedro Sula yesterday and while there, he bought a DVD player! He's out renting movies right now.

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