December 6, 2009

Letter to the nation from Roberto Micheletti

Honduran President Roberto Micheletti

Honduran President Roberto Micheletti wrote an inspiring letter to the nation on election day, November 29, addressed to the "Heroic people of Honduras".

La Gringa in San Pedro Sula was so inspired by the long letter that she translated it on her blog. She notes her feelings to which all I can say is "ditto". Reading this letter gave me shivers and brought tears to my eyes.

This letter salutes the people of Honduras for their accomplishments, saying, "[All Hondurans who voted today] defied the international pressure, the fear that was sown by radical sectors of society, the bullying of the enemies of the state, and all the hate planted to prevent the exercise of full liberty in the sovereign right, to insist on respect for our laws and enthusiastically attend the polls to elect our next president."

"And of course, nobody but Hondurans tonight savor the exquisite taste of dignity, freedom and the right to defend the national honor at the polls."

Micheletti also thanks the candidates, noting that without their tremendous courage and committment to the future of this nation, this election would never have happened.

President Micheletti speaks of the future and calls for a unified Honduras, "Not only do we have to face the task of recovering what was lost during these months of conflict, but beyond that, we must work together to ensure that poverty, lack of education, insecurity, and all those problems that rob us of sleep, begin to be managed immediately, without excuse or delay."

Micheletti wrote of respect and dignity throughout the letter. "We have shown the world that we are a country whose dignity must be respected." I have often marveled at the lack of respect that has been shown for the dignity of Honduras and Hondurans by the undiplomatic diplomats of the world, especially those of Latin America who should know the culture better. Nothing is more important to Hondurans than respect and dignity. The more disrespect that was shown, the more determined Hondurans became to not submit to the demands of the world.

Please read the whole letter on La Gringa's blog. You can also find the original in Spanish at La Tribuna.

Update 7:40: The Honduran equivalent of the FAA has granted permission for a Mexican-registered plane to land.
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