December 31, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new

At top, Pepe Lobo (in case you aren't familiar)
In the bag, Mel Zelaya and Roberto Micheletti

This cartoon was on the front page of La Prensa today. Very fitting and very funny. Honduras − the only country with three presidents. One actual president, one deposed (who still isn't giving up), and one on the way in, though the changeover won't take effect until January 27.

Roberto Micheletti recently gave a speech in which he still says he has no intentions of resigning prior to January 27, despite the pressure being put on Pepe Lobo to try to force that. The "international community", particularly Spain, shows their complete lack of respect for democratic institutions by making demands on President-elect Lobo that he has no constitutional authority to perform. All that in the name of "restoring constitutional order". Hypocrites!

I am sooo glad that 2009 is over! And I'm hoping that 2010 brings peace and prosperity to Honduras and gets the freakin' misguided "international community" off our backs!

Happy New Year, readers!
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