December 2, 2009

We want our president back!

Roberto Micheletti,
constitutional president of the Republic of Honduras

Can we have our constitutional president back now? That is, Don Roberto Micheletti. I want to hear him speak. He deserves the right to say a big "I told you so." He said that we would have elections. He said that voters would be safe. He said that elections would be fair and transparent. He said that Mel Zelaya would not return to the presidency. He said that no one was above the law. He said that Honduras was a sovereign nation.

Is that all right with you, Hillary? The people have spoken. The congressmen elected by the people have spoken (current vote is 74 to 10). We are ready to have our president back. We need Micheletti. He makes us feel safe against the outside forces who continue to menace Honduras.

We need for the US to quit interfering in the sovereign country of Honduras. The Honduran people are tired of the interference, the lack of respect, and the ridiculous demands which you should have been making to Zelaya instead. Basta ya!

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