December 2, 2009

Zelaya will not be reinstated - 111 to 14

Honduras congressHonduran congress

The session of congress closed at 9:36 p.m. after a very long day. See my blow-by-blow 6-hour long report here and the introduction here.

The final Honduras congressional vote was 111 against the restoration of Zelaya to the presidency; 14 in favor. Three congressmen did not attend the session.

Is that clear enough?

Honduras has complied with the Tegucigalpa-San José Accord. Now what?

There were lots more speeches by the Congressmen. Some short and sweet, some long rants. Here are some of the better comments.

Democracy in Honduras can't be bought and it can't be sold.

Special recognition goes to the Constitutional President of Honduras, Roberto Micheletti.

[We have been the victims of] premeditated falsifications from the exterior.

Zelaya had no respect for any institution of government.

We have strengthened democracy in Honduras.

Cannot put the minority in charge of Honduras by force. If they don't like the ideology of the majority, there are democratic ways to change that, but not by force. Resistance or not, need to put Honduras first.

A call to the international community: the ones who caused this (Zelaya and followers) are not suffering, the ones who are suffering most are the poor. We want to live in peace.

We have saved institutional democracy. Everyone must respect the sovereign decisions of this country.

From José Saavedra, President of the Congress: The vote was by the congressmen voted into office by the same people who voted for Zelaya.

From Roberto Micheletti: Zelaya has to accept the decision of Congress.

And from La Gringa: I am so proud of Honduras and Hondurans for having the huevos to stand up to the US, the OAS, Hugo Chávez, and the whole world. Honduras will be written about in the history books, not for having a successful coup d'etat, but for being the first country to successfully stand up to 21st century socialism. I hope that gives strength to people in other countries facing the same situation.

Viva Honduras!
Viva sovereignty!
Viva democracy!
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