December 2, 2009

My on-the-ground view of the Honduran elections

Honduras electionsThe pinky greeting of Election Day

I went to three polling places on Sunday in La Ceiba (the third largest city in Honduras) and one in El Porvenir (a smaller town) in the department of Atlantida. The polling places were crowded with hardly any police or military in sight. I was surprised at the latter because I was worried they would be needed for security. However, the atmosphere was fiesta-like: happy people, kids playing, mothers carrying babies, many people lingering to talk to their neighbors. I also saw more traffic than usual on a Sunday, with many cars waving the flags of Honduras and/or the political parties. Some polling places had food stands set up outside, adding to the festival atmosphere.

Below are some photos of what we saw during the day including the view from where we ate lunch (just to make you jealous). We don't have a car, so we were at the mercy of others to get around. Also, in a blogger's worst dreams, first all three sets of my camera batteries went dead, then my computer was unable to access the internet, then my mouse quit working, and all this was after we resolved my laptop keyboard death! What stress! I borrowed a camera, but as you will see about half-way through the pics, I didn't have a good grasp on how to use it.

Please read the rest of my story, What I saw at the Honduran elections, at Pajamas Media.

I'll be blogging this afternoon about the Honduran Congress vote on whether or not to reinstate Manuel Zelaya. The Congressional session will begin in minutes and is being broadcast live.

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