June 30, 2009

World: We don't want to be Cuba!

Tegucigalpa, right now, June 30, 2009

Tegucigalpa, right now, June 30, 2009

Thousands of people of Honduras are protesting peacefully in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro. This time there really are thousands of people. I'm still shaking from the earthquake, but now I have chills seeing the protesters. I saw giant hand written sign that said: "Este es el pueblo!" This is the people (of Honduras)!

I wish I could show the helicopter view. There has to 10-20,000 people in Tegucigalpa.

They are announcing various Zelaya supporters that are THERE with them.

Signs say: "Defending my constitution!"

"World, don't interfere!"

"Peace and democracy"

"Bravo to our heroes: The congress, the Supreme Court, the Armed Forces"

"We are the majority"

"Micheletti is our President!"

"Open your eyes. We are 90% of the country!"

"We reject Chávez and Ortega!"

An old woman is saying "Respect our sovereignty! We are not revolutionaries!"

Now, CNN is overlaying the OAS meeting where Honduras is being condemned by the US, Canada, and everyone else, I guess, while the people happily cheer about their new government.

Speech: World: Mel Zelaya has committed crimes against our country! He is a traitor! We Honduras just want to live in peace and democracy. We are defending our constitution. We want to live in democracy and liberty. Please come to Honduras to see that we are not lying and are trying to defend our constitution. We don't want to be Cuba! There is no freedom in Cuba. Honduras! Honduras! It is a democratic country.

Child says in English: Mel is a man who broke the law and must be punished for it.

No Mel! No Mel! No Mel!

Child speaks again: CNN are you listening? (or something like that)

Send Mel to the courts.

We don't want Mel! We don't want Mel!

Woman crying: We don't want Mel in Honduras. We only want peace and democracy!

Unbelievable! CNN en Español IS NOT SHOWING IT -- only the local channels.

How can Honduras be heard in the court of world opinion if no one is listening?

I'll admit that I am crying right now, listening to the joy and pleading in the voices and knowing that they probably do not know that they have just been rejected by the world.

I've always known there is no justice in Honduras. Now I know there is no justice for Honduras either. I have never been so ashamed of my own country -- the USA -- that they have put politics ahead of human rights.

Can this devastatingly poor country stand up to economic sanctions of the world? It's very doubtful since people are already starving. They are proud people and they may try. If they fail, I'm sure that they will never try to stand up for themselves again.
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