June 29, 2009

Honduran views on Mel Zelaya and the current events

military in La Ceiba, HondurasMilitary in La Ceiba, Honduras

I've been doing a ton of reading of all the self-righteous, conspiracy-theory speculators condemning Honduras and what has happened here. Many of them probably had to look at a map to find Honduras but after reading a couple of misinformed BBC or Venezuela news articles, they are experts. ;-)

The following are some views from a few Hondurans in English. Some of them specifically say that they want to get their truth out to the world, so here's a little help for them to do that.

The Silent Majority of Honduras Speaks

What we Hondurans want

Dear CNN

El Peragamino de la Derecha en Honduras (recent articles in Spanish and English)

Alpha says

Puzzled by Honduras (see several comments from 'Honduran' about halfway down the page)

Still waiting for an update from Born in Honduras

And, of course, the master of them all:


Note: These were just articles/comments that I ran across and they just struck me with their genuine feeling. I did not purposely omit any Honduran pro-Zelaya articles in English, I just did not see any. Amazing how many US American pro-Zelaya articles there are though.

Update 12:17 p.m.: I'm watching channel 10 news right now. I believe this is one of the most respected news channels in Honduras. They are lamenting the fact that only one side of this issue has come to light to the international world and are explaining how all of this came about in a calm, legal, and constitutional manner.

In my opinion, too many people are only willing to believe what they read in English (no matter where it comes from) and choose to ignore ALL of the Honduran media reports and what the majority of people of Honduras are saying. Just because something is done in a manner that it wouldn't have been done in the US does not automatically make it wrong. This is Honduras!

Dig deeper, please! Pro-Zelaya supporters are naturally angry and upset, but there is a lot more celebration going on in Honduras among those who feared what Zelaya was doing to Honduras. To disregard all of those opinions as being from ignorant peasants who don't understand what is going on in their own country or from the rich who benefit from the status quo is damned insulting!

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