June 5, 2009

Honduras vs. Estados Unidos (the USA)

Honduras futbol teamHonduras team goofing around


Honduras vs Estados Unidos (the USA)
Saturday, June 6, 2009, 4 p.m. (Honduras time)

Being a US citizen living in Honduras, I'm torn about which team to root for....

No, I'm not!

Since I generally root for the little guy, I'd LOVE to see Honduras whip the US!

Go Honduras!

BTW, if Honduras wins, there will probably be more ammunition spent in Honduras in the first hour after the game than there is many small wars. Shooting guns into the air is a favorite way to celebrate a victory.

After Honduras beat Mexico a few months ago, I initially thought that there was some sort of narcotrafficker shoot out going on in my area. Mexico is an arch enemy of Honduras (in the world of soccer, if not politically). I knew about the game, but not exactly when it was being played. This time I'll be prepared and now you will be, too.
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