June 29, 2009


March for peace and democracyThe march that CNN does not show you 75 times a day
Photo: La Prensa, Honduras

Democracy: I'm really confused about this. If it is the will of the majority of the people of Honduras that Mel Zelaya not continue to be president − as it seems to be − but the international community forces Honduras to take him back by using economic sanctions against one of the poorest countries in this hemisphere, is that democracy? Or is that the Imperialist devil and others forcing their will and their standards on a sovereign country?


The photo above is from June 23, 2009, five days before Mel Zelaya was removed as president. An estimated 100,000 people marched for peace and democracy in San Pedro Sula, Honduras' second largest city, with placards asking their government to work on hunger, crime, health, education and other matters more important to them than the cuarta urna (fourth ballot box). They carried signs saying "Si a la democracia" and "No la cuarta urna" and wore t-shirts saying, "Defend the Constitution" which they believed that Mel Zelaya was trying to violate. (more photos at the link above)

The march was encouraged by both the Catholic and evangelical churches and included people from all walks of society. This and dozens of other manifestations during the past many months are where I get the idea that that majority of the people in Honduras did not believe that the cuarta urna was going to help them.

Tell me this. Did those of you condemning the 'infamy' against Mel Zelaya know about that? Has CNN mentioned Honduras since the earthquakes, or before that the floods, and before that the last hurricane?

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