June 28, 2009

Honduran Congress accepts President Mel Zelaya's resignation

Just minutes ago, live on CNN, the resignation was read out loud and then accepted by Congress. Next in line for the presidency, according to the constitution, is President of the Congress, Roberto Micheletti. Congress is still in session and will no doubt be announcing the succession shortly.

HOWEVER, in a telephone interview by CNN, Mel Zelaya states that it is completely false, that he has not resigned and will not resign.

More later. I'm working!

Update 1:05 pm:

Channel 11 news is on the air (finally! but it is the only one). They report that the Congress has now recessed their session to investigate the "signed" resignation. They displayed a copy, which included the presidential seal (no proof of anything) and what appeared to be initials. Not being familiar with Manuel Zelaya's signature, I can't say if this was an attempt to forge his signature or not. Very strange goings on!

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