June 28, 2009

Relative calm in Honduras, despite what you might read

pro-Zelaya protesters in La Ceiba, Honduraspro-Zelaya protesters in La Ceiba, Honduras

All this international blustering about the "coup" in Honduras is really bothering me. I really regret using that word because after learning more about what happened, I would not call it that.

Do I speak for Hondurans when I say, "Leave to Honduras what is Honduran"? We don't want or need international intervention from Venezuela, Nicaragua, the US, or anyone else. I feel a little resentful hearing the meddling comments from other countries. The US can't and does not need to try to save every country in the world. Hmmm, now I understand how all those other countries feel.

There is so much misinformation on the internet, even from respected news sources, about what happened here and why it happened that I am astounded.

First of all, the military did not make a coup d'etat or golpe de estado against the government of Honduras. The government of Honduras (at least two branches of it) have been and continue to be in charge. The military were just following their orders. One branch of the government, the Executive branch, put himself above the others and ignored a verdict of the Supreme Court, who agreed with the Legislative Branch, who agreed with the majority of the population. This was no out-of-control military or rogue guerrilla group taking over our government.

Apparently the Honduran constitution does need to be changed, however. It needs to allow for calm, peaceful, and legal manner of impeaching/removing a president who puts himself above the law and the other branches of government. Call what happened today an impeachment, Honduran style.

Maybe forcibly removing a renegade president is not the way that things are done in more developed countries, but that is the way it was done here. This is Honduras and things are different here. I was shocked, worried, scared, but I've gotten over it and they should, too.

However, note that there was no real violence, no shootings, no riots in the streets, no looting, no overzealous military beating up or killing citizens. I congratulate Honduras for finding a peaceful solution to a difficult problem!

Soldiers maintaining order in La Ceiba, HondurasSoldiers maintaining order in La Ceiba, Honduras

That's it. Maintaining order. No stopping or bullying of protesters. Simply assuring that things don't get out of control and that there are no riots.
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