June 22, 2009

Touky the Toucan

Collared Aracari Toucan (Pteroglossus torquatus)Touky the collared Aracari

Touky is actually a young collared Aracari (Pteroglossus torquatus), obviously of the Toucan family. Though he looks like a good size, I know that he is young because he has blue eyes and green skin around the eyes. Adults have yellow eyes with red and black skin around the eyes.

We found him with a broken leg. I've been trying to cure him so that he can go back to his family − who come to look for him almost every day. Toucans are social birds that form a serious family unit. I'm so hoping that he gets better before his family gives up on him.

I have so many photos of Touky and his family and video, too, but no time to put it together plus my 'a' key is not working. I have to pound the heck out of it to get an 'a' to come out and that is no fun.  ;-{
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