November 11, 2007

How is the weather in La Ceiba right now?

socks and flip-flopsFashion Gringa's footwear

It is sock weather! Socks and flip-flops. That says something about my fashion sense, doesn't it? (Don't worry, Fashion Fabi, I don't wear them out of the house.) One day, I even wore my sweat pants.

For the past two weeks, we've been in a
frente frio (cold front), with lots of rain and chilly weather. 'Chilly' is relative, but when you are used to 86°F (30° and sunny skies, this weather seems downright cold to me. We love it at night and have been sleeping better and longer under the soft down comforter (no gecko eggs this time) and with no bright sun shining in the windows to wake us up in the morning.

My thermometer is showing temperatures in the 75°F (24°C) range with 97-99% humidity inside the house most days and low 70's (21ish) at night. The sun peeks out occasionally but it has been interspersed with rain most days. We alternate between opening the windows for fresh air and rushing around to close them from the rain, sometimes three or four times a day.

A few years ago, I would have been thinking the same thing you are thinking right now, "How ridiculous to say 75°F is chilly weather!" I don't know if it the effect of the extremely high humidity or that I have adjusted to the hot weather, but I can honestly say that I have felt cold.

Generally, in La Ceiba we experience one or two weeks of chilly, very rainy weather in late December or January, so this lengthy cold front seems earlier than usual. Just curious, I checked my articles for this time last year and I was saying the same thing in 2006 − that we had an unusual November cold front, so maybe the climate is changing. I also noticed that on October 19th, 2006, I was complaining about how hot the weather was. Heheheh.

Click on "weather" under the "Topics" heading in the sidebar to read all of my weather articles, where I sound like Goldilocks saying, "It's too hot. It's too cold. It's just right." Heheheh, again. For general, slightly more factual information about La Ceiba weather, see "How is the weather in La Ceiba?"

The rain can get tiresome, especially when you have six dogs, but overall, we've really been enjoying the change of seasons!

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