November 20, 2007

Sunday, a day of rest, but not for us

Chihuahua bathA bath is fine with Oso the Bear

Our Sunday was spent giving six dog baths, clipping 90 toenails (thankfully, Chloe the Rottweiler doesn't require toenail clipping), and cleaning 12 dog ears. Wow. What fun. Not! − since most of the dogs do not like having baths or having their toenails clipped or their ears cleaned.

Chihuahua bathOso (the bear) wrapped in the towel above was the one exception. This calm little pup will let us do anything to him without complaining. He is truly a teddy bear. I took about a dozen photos and all but one turned out blurry like this one.

I wasn't going to talk about this, but the day was also spent finding and killing about 587 ticks. Disgusting! Man! Ticks are a problem here! And we haven't found any good solution.

We tried Frontline and Advantage once a month solutions. They didn't work. At the recommendation of the veterinarian, a few years ago we tried some chemical meant for cattle. He said to bathe the dogs in the diluted solution and then spray the garden with the same solution. (???!!?)

At that time, I was removing up to 175 ticks PER DAY from my two little Shih Tzus (who have since gone to doggy heaven), so I was desperate enough to dispense with my organic mantra to try it. Not only did I worry myself sick about the chemical effect on the dogs, the chemical didn't have much effect and I wasn't about to spend my life dousing my dogs and gardens in a dangerous chemical.

So now we try to keep the ticks under control by checking the dogs, washing their bedding, and cleaning their 'hang outs' frequently, but it is a constant struggle. I was wondering if anyone has any tips for natural control?

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