November 30, 2007

Baby chicks - week one

Baby chicks, La Ceiba, HondurasIt doesn't get cuter than this

Conchita has been wanting chicks forever. She keeps sitting on those eggs and we keep taking them away and eating them! Finally we let her have six eggs and all six hatched.

We've really enjoyed watching these baby chicks. It is so amazing how quickly they grow and become independent. The first time we saw them, their wings were just little nubs. Within a week they had big wings covered with long feathers.

After a few days in the chicken coop, El Jefe said it was time for them to get outside. I scooped them all up in the nesting box and carried them out to the lawn, much to Conchita's dismay.

Conchita and baby chicks, La Ceiba,HondurasImmediately, all the dogs come running to see the new squeak toys. The chihuahuas are easily intimidated by Conchita so I wasn't too worried, but when Chloe came running up licking her lips, I got nervous and put them all back in the coop.

After a few days, every one was used to everyone else and Conchita was freely taking them in and out of the coop.

Conchita and baby chicks, La Ceiba,HondurasConchita brings them back to the coop every day about 3 p.m. and we close up the coop until morning. Deciding that we didn't get up early enough for her tastes, Conchita taught the chicks to jump up on the window frame and fly out the window.

We had one terrible scare! One very rainy day when the chicks were only two or three days old, Conchita and the chicks didn't come back to the coop. I went out in the pouring rain to look for her but she was hiding. I even took Chloe to help me, and Chloe couldn't find them either. El Jefe searched the garden again in the rain with a flashlight when came home. No luck. It wasn't just raining − it was a tropical storm with what must have been at least 6-8 inches of cold rain that went on all evening and all night long. We could hardly sleep, worrying that the chicks would drown or get sick.

The next morning, there they were! Dry, happy, and acting as if nothing had happened. I don't know where Conchita hid them but she must have found a good spot.

Here is a video of their first week.

See it on YouTube here.
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