November 17, 2006

More eggs, but this time ...

We've had another cold front move in....77°F (25°C) with 99% humidity at 3:00 in the afternoon. Yeah, yeah, I know: You want me to shut up about these silly cold fronts. (By the way, the cold front I wrote about here never materialized − we had one chilly day and that was it.)

Anyway, the point is that last night it was so cold about 3:00 a.m. that I had to pull out the comforter. I heard something fall to the floor as I pulled it off the shelf. It has been many months since we used it so I was a little concerned about what might have taken up residence in the comforter.

In the dim, half-lit room, half asleep and without my contact lens, I thought I saw a couple of pieces of white styrofoam on the floor. (Why would I think styrofoam had found its way into my folded comforter? Good question, but that's what I thought. Haha.)

I shook the comforter out just in case a family of scorpions was living in it. Nothing else fell out. Moving to the bed, I checked over the comforter a little more in the light and saw nothing. Off to sleep for me.

In the morning, what do I find on the floor by the armoire, but these ......

I think they must be gecko eggs. That coin is about the size of a US dime.

And in case you were wondering, no, I didn't fry them up and do a taste test.
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