November 25, 2007

Chloe the gimp

Chloe, Rottweiller/Doberman, La Ceiba, HondurasChloe the gimp

Chloe has been itching herself to death! She scratches, bites, and chews on every part of her body that she can reach, but most especially her feet.

The other day we awoke to find that Chloe was walking on three legs and in a lot of pain. Examining her foot, we found that the bottom part between her toes looked like raw meat and was infected. I didn't see any indication of a cut so I think she caused it herself.

TrigentaxI cleaned it with peroxide and applied Trigentax which I've found to be a miracle cure for infected cuts and so forth (for humans). I put a gauze bandage pad between her toes and the pads of her feet to cover the ointment so she wouldn't just lick it off.

Stumped as to how to bandage it so she would leave it alone long enough to heal and limited by the contents of my first aid kit, I finally wrapped her foot and ankle with a worn out (not stretchy) ... whatchamacallit (Man! English words are escaping me latelyit's scary!). You know, the thing that you might wrap a sprained ankle with.

Then I covered the whole thing with bandage tape to keep it dry and most of all, to prevent her from chewing off the bandage. Although Chloe did not like the cleaning part − it hurt! − she was amazingly good about the whole thing. I think she knew we were trying to help her and she actually seemed kind of proud of her bandage.

I repeated all that the next day with a clean bandage. Wow! That ointment is incredible. By the third day, Chloe chewed off the bandage and her foot was healed. La Doctora Gringa saves the day again.

Now, I just wish I could figure out what is making some of these dogs itch so much. Chloe and Uno both have a red rash on their underparts.

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