November 6, 2007

Electrifying La Arada

Will there be light?

Reading the paper today, I started to skip over an article entitled "Electrifican aldea de La Arada" (The village of La Arada is being electrified − meaning that electricity is being installed).

On second thought, although it is common to read articles about a village that wants to have or will have or now has electricity or water service, I realized that for most of my readers it would be amazing to think that a village that has been around for 105 years could still lack electricity.

The article stated that the villagers had been clamoring for electricity for the past 10 years. At the inauguration of the L.2.2 million project (US $116,400), the mayor stated that 124 families who have been living by candles and kerosene lamps for generations now will be able to turn on a light bulb. Several nearby mayors attended the inauguration as witnesses to this historic event.

La Arada is in the
Departamento (state) of Santa Barbara where it is said that more than half of the villages have electricity. Hopefully the project will be completed and there won't be another follow up story a year or two or five from now relaying that they ran out of money and the project was never finished.
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