February 17, 2007

Week one puppy update

One week old chihuahua puppies

Aren't they cute?! They weighed 5 ounces (.14 kg.) when they were born. Today, one week later, they weigh an incredible 11.5 to 13 ounces! (.33 to .37 kg.)

They have more than doubled their weight in one week. The black one is the biggest in weight and length at 7 1/2 inches long (19 cm.). The rest are 7 inches long (17.8 cm.).

We tried to line them up for the pictures. It was like trying to line up a bunch of worms.

The pups don't have their eyes open yet. That should happen next week.

Zoe is the best little mother. She's really doing an excellent job. She doesn't mind when we pick them up but she watches the whole time. If we carry one out of her sight, she follows, looking up at us just to make sure everything is okay.

Zoe hardly ever leaves the box and when she does, you can be assured that they are all fast asleep.

We haven't named them yet.

Sorry for all the gushing about puppies. I'm telling you, if you were here, you would not be able to resist picking them up. They are just too cute!

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