February 4, 2007

Now La Gringa is laughing

I just have to tell you about a blog I found.

While searching for an image that would go with my last rant, I ran across Bits and Pieces. Its description is: "We scour the web so you don't have to." What a hilarious site. I ended up staying there for more an hour, laughing out loud. I didn't even realize I was reading January 2006, not January 2007. There are some funny jokes and stories, too, but mostly it is just photos.

This site has the longest page in the world, I'm sure. If you don't have time to scan it, at least check out these:

Children's letters to God
Lost Puppy
Multitasking (2)
Women other women would love to see fat

La Gringa guarantees a laugh if you do.

I suggest bookmarking this blog for those bad mood days. It certainly cheered up my bad mood. Now, instead of reducing my blog subscriptions, I'm going to have to add another one!
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