February 27, 2007

Frank is back

Frank made it as far as the Mexican-U.S. border. He was caught by the Mexican officials and sent back to Honduras.

He stopped by this afternoon to see if we had any work. We do. He is coming back tomorrow morning.

I was both happy and sad to see him. We talked for a bit about his experience. He just kind of laughed about it, except that he had spent about L.1,500 to get there. He didn't seem too upset. I have an idea that he will try to make it to the U.S. again sometime in the future.

After he left, I realized that he was on foot, not riding his bicycle. I'm wondering now if he sold his bike for more money for the trip. He lives a long way from here, probably 6 or 8 miles. Despite my vow, No More Loans, I have a feeling that we may be buying another bicycle.
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