February 15, 2007

More on the mystery jet

Mystery jet in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, photo La Prensa

The mysterious jet abandoned in the Tegucigalpa, Honduras airport on February 24, 2006, was officially auctioned on Tuesday, February 13, 2007, for $736,000. Part of the deal is that the government of Honduras will guarantee clear title to the 1968 Grumman Gulfstream Jet.

So what happened on Wednesday, the day after the auction and almost one year after the jet first appeared in Honduras? The Honduras newspaper, La Prensa, received a letter from an independent Mexican reporter providing new information. La Prensa reported that the old but luxurious jet is collateral for a loan in Mexico. It was brought to Honduras to illegally change the registration papers in order to sell it to a third party.

This new version was confirmed by the Honduran Fiscal General (Attorney General) who says that he has known this for awhile but hasn't revealed it publicly.
The information was also confirmed by a former high level government official who certified the authenticity of the collateral documents last year. He confirmed that the person or company who holds the $900 thousand loan could make a demand of the state for damages.

Why did the government of Honduras proceed with the auction when they knew the plane was collateral for a loan? Why did this information only become public the day after the sale? Why? − This is Honduras.

Later on Wednesday, an indignant President Mel Zelaya insisted that the jet was a result of a failed drug trafficking operation and qualified anyone believing this new story as "estupido" (stupid).
"Estupido" is not a word used lightly in Honduras.

To be continued.....
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