February 1, 2007

Blogger comment tip

I've been having a terrible time reading comments and commenting on certain Blogger blogs for the past few months. Some pop up comment windows open to a window too small to read the comments and it can't be resized. Usually I try several times and finally end up giving up without commenting.

One of those blogs was from Mr. Brown Thumb, who seems to be a technically savvy guy, so I just wrote him and asked him if he knew why that was happening. I figured he would want to know in case other people were having problems commenting on his blog, too. Since most of us bloggers love to get comments, we want to make sure it is easy for people to leave a comment.

He was nice enough to answer me right away and gave me a solution! In Firefox (and I think the new Explorer, too), you can right click to open comments in a new full size tab or window instead of the pop up window.

Then, of course, like all devoted bloggers, he immediately wrote an article about it, as I knew he would. ;-) The article is called Tips for the Garden Blogger Pt4 and it includes some other tips about comments as well.

Since I can't be the only one experiencing this problem, I thought I would pass along the tip. Now if you write about it on your blog, it will be a blog about a blog about a blog about a comment. Ha ha!

P.S. I'm back to unprotected commenting (no captchas)!
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