February 25, 2007

Week 2: Puppy Update

The cutest puppies in the world

The chihuahua pups have opened their eyes in the past two days. They were kind of cockeyed looking for a few days as some of their eyes were half opened and Blackie had one eye opened and one shut yesterday.

It's incredible how fast they grow. The black pup weighed 14 oz. last Friday, 15 oz. on Saturday, and 16 oz. on Sunday (.40, .43, and .45 kg.). I can't weigh them anymore on my kitchen scale because it only goes to one pound. I can tell you that all together we have 6 lbs. of puppies (2.7 kg.). That's up from 1 1/4 lbs. total (.57 kg.) when they were born. Poor Zoe.

Blackie is still holding the lead at 9 inches long (23 cm.). The other three are 8 inches (20 cm.). He was the last to be born.

For each of these pictures, I lined them up facing me neatly in a row. You can see what I ended up with. They are little squirmers!

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