October 26, 2010

Reverse culture shock watching TV


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I never let my hens watch reality TV — too scary

US television gives me reverse culture shock.....

  • While watching cooking shows on television, I often cringe when I see the chef adding water straight from the faucet to some recipe! Then after I recover, I remember that, yes, I used to do that, too.
  • I get a little twinge of remembrance seeing store commercials showing shoppers carrying large shopping bags around the store — that is never allowed in Honduras where all customers are presumed to be shoplifters. That used to bother me, but now I'm used to it.
  • Our cable system includes (at least sometimes) the Denver US network channels. You know how before the news begins they always include a teaser, a shocker to keep you from changing the channel? One night the teaser was that the city had one 6-FOOT TALL WEED growing in front of a municipal building! (It actually looked to me like some sort of wild tree and the grass was neatly mowed around it.) "Why are citizens fined if their property isn't maintained when the city doesn't maintain their own?!!" Oh, horrors! All I have to say is that if that is the worst thing you have to worry about, you are doing okay in Denver.
  • This is the season of car commercials. Oh my God. I am in awe of cars that can show you a movie, tell you where you are and give you directions to someplace else, wake you up if you doze off while driving, and — I can only presume — prepare a snack in the back seat when you are hungry. When did all of this happen? How many people buy cars with all those features? Do most new cars have them?
  • This is also the season of US political commercials. I am so glad that will soon be over. Such hatefulness! Such negativity! It gives democracy a bad name. If all of the candidates are as bad as their opposition says, you shouldn't vote for any of them!
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