October 8, 2010

Oh, Happy Day!

I was working on my blog template and even though I wasn't doing anything with the reader comments section, all my Disqus comments flew away into the clouds to join my 13,000 lost Blogger comments! Oh, boohoo!

So, not knowing anything else to do, I went to the Disqus site to try to figure out what the problem was. In looking at my settings, I noticed the "Import Blogger Comments" link and thought, "Oh, what the heck? Why not try it again for the 67th time?"

Woohoo! It not only put my Disqus comments back on the Blogicito, it magically found all my old Blogger comments and posted them, too! I don't know if this is because Blogger changed its commenting system or Disqus changed something, but I'm so glad.

I was really missing those old comments, especially when people ask the same things that were asked and answered before. There is nothing sadder than a lonely blog article with no reader comments.

I love your comments, readers!
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