October 24, 2010

I feel so much safer now

Mayors are ordered to persecute witches
Interior Minister prohibits rituals and satanic cults

That was the La Prensa headline. I will be completely honest with you and tell you that, initially, I thought this article was some sort of Halloween joke. You know, like the announcements that Google makes on April Fool's Day. I read the whole thing, laughing, thinking there would be a humorous punchline at the end.

Here are some translated excerpts from the article:
"The government warned yesterday that it will not allow witches into the country who are planning to mount satanic cults in the pagan festival of Halloween.

"The Minister of Interior and Population, Africo Madrid, said that mayors and are instructed to cancel any event related to the celebration of satanic festivals or cults.

"We're not going to let them into the country. Obviously, such people are charlatans, swindlers who prey on the innocence of people or their beliefs or superstitions. "
And more from the Minister:
"I take this opportunity to ask all people, especially Christians, to prevent their children from participating in celebrations that are not part of the Honduran national or cultural traditions, such as the Satanic holiday Halloween. That's not part of our culture or beliefs and traditions of our country. "
La Prensa takes credit for bringing this to light:
"The issue came under discussion after La Prensa published yesterday that sorcerers from several countries have gathered in the cemetery of Santa Barbara, in western Honduras, for prayer, evil spells and diabolical rituals, according to an employee of the cemetery."
Okay. Fine and dandy. There have been some problems in the past with these "Satanic groups" that come to Honduras to mislead and defraud the unsuspecting people selling them potions and 'magic' charms. Which just goes to show you that if good Catholics and good Christians can be tricked by these crazy satanic cult folks, putting constitutional decisions about the future of the country in the hands of these same gullible, easily misled citizens is a risky business.

For the record, I think maintaining Honduras' traditional culture and traditions is a good thing, though I think that most of those traditions have been lost long ago in the pursuit of being modernized and Americanized.

What about some of these so-called Evangelical cults that mislead and defraud their unsuspecting flocks every day? I've heard of one in La Ceiba that pressures their congregation to tithe their wedding rings if they have nothing else to give. I think these charlatan and swindling pastors are a much bigger threat to the average citizen.

And what about innocent Halloween parties that many Honduran private schools hold to teach children about the cultures of other countries? There isn't anything satanic about them, just the silly childish fun of dressing up and eating treats. The article states "The mayors now have clear instructions to cancel, close and seize any article or event with this type of charlatans and con artists and including some religious cults posing as Christian churches but who really cheat the people, so we're going to regulate all of these types of actions, "said Madrid, Minister of the Interior. Apparently, mayors will now have the authority to determine what is satanic and what is not. Just like the old days!

So, great! We will be safe from witches and evil Halloween parties this year. And from criminals.....?

Hat tip to Teresa!

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