October 21, 2010

Does blood thin?

Guess which side of the bed is mine?

The other day I posted on Facebook that I was freezing in La Ceiba. That prompted some comments of "Impossible!" and comparison to -2°C (28°F) Canadian weather (which always makes me feel so guilty).

Of course I was exaggerating. It never freezes in La Ceiba or gets anywhere near close to it. Lower 60's °F (16°C) is the coldest that I've experienced and even that is rare. So how could I be "freezing"?

It's not just in my mind, I swear it's not! My feet and hands and nose are cold to the touch. Even El Jefe who scoffs at my laments of being cold has to admit that I am cold when I put my icy hands on his neck. It's not just in my mind, really it's not! My chihuahuas agree. They will curl up in adjoining balls and their ears will be cold to the touch.

The first year that we were in Honduras, I used to laugh at the so-called 'cold fronts'. I told El Jefe that they should be called 'frentes tibias' (tepid fronts) not 'frentes frios' (cold fronts). I can remember wearing shorts or at most a light cotton jacket while I would see others wearing ski jackets, knit caps, and gloves. "These people don't know what cold is!" I thought.

I never even unpacked my box of warm clothes the first couple of years. Now it seems that they are getting more and more use every year. I remember hearing some advice to new immigrants from a long time expatriate. After their first rainy season, the newbies mentioned that they were sending all their warm clothes home because they didn't need them. Long-timer Lori suggested that they hang on to them because "It will get colder". It's not that the weather actually will get colder, it's just that they will feel that it does ... eventually.

So, what's the deal? Does your blood really thin in a warm climate? Anybody else get cold hands or a cold nose when the temperature is 70°F (21°C)?
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