January 19, 2007

Sickly chicky update

This is Carmen. Isn't that just the sweetest little chicky face you've ever seen?

Some kind-hearted person asked for an update on her. I haven't written anything because there hasn't been much new to say. She still doesn't want to eat or drink but I manage to get a little down her a few times a day. She only weighs 14 oz. (400 gr.) and Conchita is at least 18 oz. (510 gr.).

I dip her beak into the electrolyte water about 10 times a day. She'll usually drink the first time or two but after that she just flings the water all over me. I'm still giving her the antibiotic.

We are keeping her inside in a cardboard box. In the mornings we can hear her scratching around a little but mostly she just stays very still. I'm starting to wonder if she has a broken bone. There isn't anything visible that I can see nor are there any symptoms of diseases.

I feel a little more hopeful in that she's keeping her eyes open more often now. Tonight even though she struggled with me, she did eat quite a bit more than usual.
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