January 3, 2007

New Yahoo group: Honduras Living

Santa Lucia, Honduras

My good friend Don Godo and I have just set up a new Yahoo discussion group called − what else? − Honduras Living.

This group was created as a gathering spot for anyone interested in living, retiring and/or investing in Honduras. Whether you are living in Honduras now or just considering your options, join us while we explore life in Honduras for expatriates as well as returning Catrachos (nickname for Hondurans).

We hope to provide a central location where people can find up-to-date information about immigrating to Honduras, residency procedures, hotels, restaurants, sites to visit, experiences, crime/safety, places to avoid, and life in Honduras in general.

With your participation, this group can become the ‘go to’ spot for anyone seeking unbiased (noncommercial) feedback and information on Honduras.

Join us now to share your experiences or any information you have so we can all learn from each other.

Just in case anyone is not familiar with Yahoo Groups, what this is is a mailing list, where each member's question or comment is sent to all the other members and anyone can respond. You'll also be able to share photos. You can opt to receive email messages individually as they are posted or by digest, in which all of the messages for one day are sent in one daily email. You can also visit the website to read messages at any time.

Join now by entering your email address in the box below:

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I'm looking forward to seeing memberships from all of you who have written to me and anyone else who has plans, hopes, and dreams of living in Honduras.

Who knows? I may even be able to talk El Jefe into joining.

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