January 23, 2007

Japanese spam again

My blog is being inundated by Japanese Chinese spam comments today. I had to turn on the darn captchas for commenters, which I hate. I'll turn them back off in a day or two and see what happens.

My email is full of Japanese spam as well. It has been coming for months now. La Gringa receives about 50 Japanese spam for each English spam.

During the month of December, La Gringa received 45 spam messages. It started out slow with notification that I had won the Euromillion lottery on the 6th. The next day, I received a Portugese and a Japanese spam. No more spam for a full nine days and then .... BAM! I received 41 spam messages, all in Japanese, and one message whose subject was "Hey bro wats up" and the first line was "do you know I make a couple hundred dollars doing online ....." I did get a chuckle from the "Hey bro" part.

So, out of 45 spam, I can only read two of them (but I didn't). What is going on with that? Do they think that I will be so curious that I will click on a link, or do they think I read Japanese?

I assume that it is the result of the (very funny) article I wrote about spam a few months ago. Part of the article was in Japanese.
(That was the only article I felt really confident about applying the label 'humor.' Read it if you haven't.)

I know spammers don't target their audience, but doesn't it seem that they would at least try to send it someone who can read it?

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