January 2, 2007

Honduran arts and crafts

These are pictures of few Honduran arts and crafts that we have. This still life fruit display is almost a paint by number. You see the same painting for sale on the street all the time, but we liked the colors and enjoy it over the breakfast table. This one is by Muñoz, no first name.

The two yellow fruit in the upper left are marañon. The curved pieces at the top of the fruits are cashews. I had no idea that cashews grew as sort of an afterthought on fruits, did you?

Landscapes are very popular. Often they show scenes in colonial towns with teja (clay tile) roofs and cobblestone streets. This one was a little different. It's by Muñoz also.

This is a painting by Mauricio Garay. He's the nephew of a famous Honduran painter, Carlos Garay. We really like his work.

This is also by Maruicio Garay. It's a completely different style than the one above. The colors are very vibrant and tropical looking. This isn't a very good photograph.

We like suns and moons and have several on the terraza. This one is my favorite. It wasn't hard to find suns and moons but it was hard to find any that weren't painted in gaudy colors.

We finished them with a coating of polyurethane to protect them in the weather. The slight gloss makes them look nicer.

We also have a moon and a star that match this blue sun.

This is Lenca Indian style pottery. It is often colored black or brown with cream.

This is a Honduran style basket. I'm not sure if this is based on an Indian style. I couldn't find any information about Honduran baskets.
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